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Used Tractor Truck

In China, there are a large number of used tractor heads with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards, such as Sinotruk, Howo, Faw, and Shacman. They are offered at low prices and are reliable in quality, providing efficient transportation solutions for long-haul freight and logistics transport.

Used Dump Truck

Used dump trucks with 10 or 12 wheels from brands such as Shaanxi Delong, Faw, and Auman, are suitable for industries like construction, mining, and earthwork engineering. They efficiently complete loading and unloading tasks, enhancing onsite operational efficiency.

New Cargo Truck

Light-duty cargo trucks and electric cargo trucks from brands such as Changan, ISUZU, Geely Yuan Cheng, and Yutong are utilized in urban logistics distribution, industrial goods transportation, and other industries. They offer various sizes and configuration options.

Used Special Truck

Customized used construction vehicles designed for specific industries, such as concrete mixer trucks, provide professional solutions to meet the needs and standards of particular industries.


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Why Choose China
Used Trucks?

1.How reliable and durable are used trucks from China?

Trucks from China are renowned for their sturdiness and reliability, with many models designed to withstand harsh working environments. The reliable quality ensures long-term usage and minimal maintenance costs.

2.Are prices of used trucks from China more affordable?

Compared to new trucks, used trucks have a lower purchase cost, offering competitive pricing and good value for money. They can be invested in transportation at a lower cost.

3.What is the technological level of trucks from China?

Chinese truck manufacturers incorporate advanced technology into their vehicles, including features such as fuel efficiency, enhanced safety, and driver comfort. Used trucks less than five years old still maintain high reliability in quality.

4.How is the reputation and global influence of used trucks from China?

Chinese truck manufacturers are widely recognized globally for their quality and performance. Chinese trucks have received positive feedback and evaluations from users in the global market, and their market share is also gradually expanding. Please refer to Sitrak takes the top spot in market share for the first time in Russia for more details.

5.How do used trucks from China perform in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness?

Chinese trucks adopt environmentally friendly technologies to reduce emissions and environmental impact, complying with global emission and pollution control standards and regulations. Choosing used vehicles instead of purchasing new ones contributes to sustainable development goals.